Victory Grit Hair Styling Powder

Victory - Grit Hair Styling Powder

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Amplify your texture while adding density and volume to fine or limp hair with this super-powered styling powder!

This composite clay styling powder allows you to add soft texture and fullness to dry hair without weighing it down!

It's ideal for hairstyles that need some added volume on hairstyles that can't handle sticky or oily products.

Add a few dashes of GRIT directly to the areas of your hair that you want more volume and activate it by roughing the hair up using your fingertips.


Turn the container on its side and hold it above the desired area. Tap the container with your finger until you have released just the right amount of powder. Activate powder in the hair using your fingertips.

DO NOT SHAKE. Powder will dispense quickly if the container is held upside down or shaken vigorously.