Crown Shaving co. Supreme Glide

Crown Shaving co. Supreme Glide 8oz

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Description: This non-greasy, pre-shave blend is perfect for guys with sensitive hides. It’ll soften even the coarsest of stubble, minimizing friction and needless nicks while giving you the closest, smoothest shave possible.

How To Use It: Splash some warm water on your face, neck and anywhere else you grow hair up there (i.e. your cheeks). Next, towel dry your face, and pat, don't rub. Rubbing's a culprit when it comes to irritation. Now, massage a good amount of our pre-shave solution onto those aforesaid spots just before you apply your shave cream. Tip: Got stubble, but no time? Use this on its own and you’re good (yes, it’s that good).